Adjusting to New Ways of Working during Covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic has caused an extensive level of disruption to working patterns and the functionality of the global economy. Companies are facing a myriad of different challenges and are being pushed to make changes to their business model.

In these uncertain circumstances, there are opportunities to find new ways of working for your company and employees. There might be changes that you’ve had to make in terms of work schedules, the number of employees that can work together and other constraints on typical work conditions.

There could be an increase in lone working and mobile working for employees and with this in mind, it’s essential that other precautions and preparations are put n place to ensure this is a successful, smooth transition.

Protecting Lone Workers

Being able to monitor and track lone workers on a regular basis is important in order to safeguard employees and comply with regulations and fulfil obligations as an employer to protect them. If your company relies on employees needing to work on-site in different locations and remotely, then having a way to monitor them creates a transparent system and a way to track active worker’s locations is essential.

At Steanne, our GeoSafeGuard software is an ideal solution, especially in the current climate. Because of Covid-19 upheaval, there may be situations where workers that would usually be in a team of 2, cannot do so because of restrictions and new health and safety practices. This could be compromising for employees in other ways, so having software that gives employees a direct link to an employer gives them more reassurance.

Easy Set-up

It’s simple and straightforward to introduce GeoSafeGuard into your company’s structure. It’s easy to set-up lone workers, integrate their shift patterns, assess risk levels and installation on mobile devices is straightforward and quick to do.

Employers can select and filter employee reports and it’s easy to toggle between different active workers at several sites simultaneously.

Any questions or issues that arise with the software can be solved by 24/7 support cover, but it is a highly reliable package with good user design and functionality.

Complete Confidence

GeoSafeGuard is easy to set-up and can provide quick, timely updates for employees, whatever location they’re in. For example, visual and audible alerts for any non-responsive workers can be set-up, so that if there is a problem or risk that arises, employees can be easily monitored and kept safe.

If employees feel that they’re in any immediate danger or at increasing risk then there is a Panic Alarm feature that they can trigger which will instantly centre on the location of that lone worker with an alarm, so action can be taken.

In turn, this makes employers and employees alike not feel as overwhelming with new lone working conditions prompted by Covid-19.

For more advice and information about GeoSafeGuard, lone working and mobile working, especially taking into account the new challenges posed by Covid-19, please contact our experienced team who will be happy to offer expertise.

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