Geoworks7 RMMS

The Geoworks7 Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS) provides the Highway Maintenance Engineer with the tools required for a comprehensive evaluation of the highway condition. Graphically based and with a wide range of inspection and analysis reports available, the system enables the user to view and interrogate multiple inspections to help build up a picture of defects or accident occurrences over time.

Product Key Features

  • Mapping
  • Inspections
  • Daily Patrols
  • Inspection Programme

Product Description

The RMMS module enables users to select from a list of inspections and cyclic maintenance options; these are displayed in a colour coded calendar format enabling easy identification of any pending or outstanding inspections. Inventory details and specific Road Sections are displayed in a mapping view together with a details panel showing defects identified on the network; new routes or individual ad-hoc daily safety patrols may also be quickly created.

Loading and storage of Accident data is supported, including information collected at the scene of an accident such as precise location, description of circumstances, casualties and vehicles involved, potential road contributory factors and any other relevant information. These details may be graphically viewed in order to help determine the causes of multiple or repeated accidents at the same locations.

Steanne GeoMobile software enables inspection routes to be sent to engineers or inspectors and for the completed inspection data, site reports and any logged defects to be returned to the RMMS module. GPS positions are logged as inspections are carried out, enabling the completed route to be displayed (an increasing requirement to deal with Freedom of Information requests asking for evidence of such inspections).

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