Steanne GeoMobile provides the ability for inspections and jobs to be sent directly to engineers, inspectors or work teams. Completed inspections and job details are returned directly to Geoworks7, thus avoiding any delays or wasted time from ‘double handling’ of data received from remote sites.

Product Key Features

  • Site inspections, logging faults
  • Receiving and completing jobs
  • Creating new or editing existing inventory items
  • Download documents and specifications
  • Upload test results and photos

Product Description

Fully compatible with Geoworks7 and using the 4G network where available, GeoMobile provides a seamless dataflow between the mobile unit and the parent system as the most effective means of updating site data.

An internet connection is required (either WiFi or SIM card) for initial user verification and to download any outstanding jobs, but the system may then continue to be used if the data connection is temporarily lost.

Jobs may be sent individually or as batches to each user; Arrived and Completed on Site flags for each job are transmitted back to the parent system as they occur, displaying ‘real time’ job progress in the Geoworks7 Planning module. Any relevant documents, site plans etc and details of previous jobs at the same location can be downloaded for checking prior to starting work. Estimated Schedule of Rates (BoQ) items are displayed and actual quantities may be added, together with completed works details, test results, comments, photos and any completed works status options.

All GeoMobile forms are designed to minimise the need for keying in text items, and use pre-set dropdown selection lists for speed of input and ease of use by on-site personnel. GeoMobile software may be installed on most Windows tablets (one example is the NS8 from Tablet Technologies); however, we are happy to provide advice on other devices that we have tested in what is a constantly changing selection.

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