GeoSafeguard automatically contacts and tracks lone workers on a regular basis, displaying all active workers’ positions and current status on a webpage and providing both visual and audible alerts for any non-responsive workers.

Product Key Features

  • Panic Alarm
  • Worker Selectable Risk Levels
  • Configurable Alert Countdown and Shift Assignment
  • Comprehensive Auditing and Reporting
  • Filter Workers by Departments and Sites
  • Map Portal display and GPS Location Tracking

Product Description

GeoSafeguard displays currently active lone workers details (current status, latest response time, and alert intervals for each worker) in a list and their locations on a map. Response requests are sent at pre-determined intervals, depending on the risk level selected, and any non-responsive workers are easily identified. If a Panic Alarm is activated, the map will centre on the location of that lone worker and an alarm will sound, prompting immediate action.

Setting up lone workers, shift patterns, risk levels and mobile devices is straightforward and the application may be quickly installed and configured on new mobile devices using the install package. For large numbers of personnel being monitored, the active worker list can be filtered to display separate sites or departments. Reports are available for reviewing selected time periods and a location trail feature is available to display current or previous movements on the map.

GeoSafeguard runs on a server hosted by our partners UKFast, thus providing the security of extremely high levels of reliability and resilience, together with 24/7 support cover; the application may be installed on either Android or Windows mobile devices.