How Mobile Working Employees can be Protected during Covid-19

2020 has seen society and the economy shift in unprecedented ways. Covid-19 effectively brought the UK workforce to a complete stand-still, except for pockets of key workers that were continuing to work in essential roles.

The country is starting to gradually shift back to functionality, but we’re going to be living with a ‘new normal’, potentially for years to come. A new, more agile economy could see lots of roles being carried out remotely by employees, who will mobile work and limit their contact with more centralised hubs.

Here at Steanne Solutions, we work with clients who carry out their roles in lots of flexible ways, many of them remotely. Our products help them to do this in safe and practical ways.

If we’re going to see more and more remote working, businesses need to ensure that their mobile workers are protected and able to carry out their roles in a responsible, safe way – being able to work productively, with the challenges that Covid-19 presents.

Seamless System with Limited Contact

Requiring mobile workers to keep having to return to central premises to receive new jobs or input their data can be laborious and prevents them from being able to carry out more jobs and continue their schedule.

Steanne’s GeoMobile software enables jobs or inspection requirements to be sent to mobile devices so that fault logging, updating asset data, entering work completion details and on-site asset creation can be logged straightaway or in batches at the end of the working day. Jobs which are due for completion, close to their target dates or overdue are easy to identify, so that employers and employees can organise work schedules and timings in the most productive way possible for everyone.

This is especially important during the disruption Covid-19 has caused, because it means that employees can limit their contact with others in a central office space. Social distancing becomes built into your business model if you give employees the tools to be able to work independently and still remain in contact. A seamless dataflow between the mobile unit and the parent system can be created for better data collection and safe work practices.


Knowing where an employee is at a certain time and what site they’re working on using GeoMobile’s GPS tracking function enables businesses to check where someone is, using a variety of map layouts. This gives the employee and employer the confidence to be able to liaise with clients using ‘real time’ job progress that has been updated in the Geoworks7 Planning module. They can also access pre-planned inspection routes.

Mobile workers can also access previous key documents, site plans etc and details from a location, so they do not have to go back and forth between a central work location and a job to find this information. Info such as:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Review details of previous jobs
  • View downloaded documents (Method Statements, drawings etc)
  • Editing/updating asset details
  • Adding measured SoR items
  • Photos
  • NRSWA Actual Start and Work Stop notices automatically generated
  • Completion notes and comments

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