Protect your Employees with GeoSafeguard

When you’re a company that relies on employees working remotely, perhaps on their own or in unfamiliar locations, it’s essential for their safety and wellbeing that you can guarantee their protection.

Being able to monitor your employees’ safety helps to fulfil your duty as an employer and ensure that their working life isn’t compromised. In the long-term, this creates more trust with your team because they know they’re protected and gives your business more guarantees when it comes to safe working practices.

Keeping your employees safe has never been easier.

How does it work?

Running a business is demanding and having a seamless mobile-friendly way to monitor employees and check on non-responsive workers makes it easier to solve problems when they arise.

GeoSafeguard is our innovative solution that allows you to receive visual and audible alerts for your remote employees. You’ll have a user-friendly map to track worker locations and you’ll be able to access more information about each individual, including current status, latest response time, and alert intervals.

Employees will have the ability to trigger a Panic Alarm if they are in danger or unsafe and when activated, their location will be pinpointed on a map and an alarm will be sounded – so further action can be arranged as soon as possible.

And the extra important part? You’ll receive 24/7 support cover if you’ve got any questions and the application can be installed on either Android or Windows mobile devices.

Tailored to your Business

Depending on your businesses specific requirements, GeoSafeguard can be tailored to suit your needs. With an interactive interface that allows you to input the amount of lone workers you have, shift patterns, risk levels and mobile devices. You can determine what’s appropriate for your business and your workers.

When you’ve got multiple workers or large scale operations, the software lets you easily filter to display separate sites or departments, so you can stay organised and simply jump between locations. You can also select risk levels and response requests are sent at pre-determined intervals, making it easy to spot non-responsive workers.

It’s safe to say that you might not have time to consistently monitor workers throughout the day, so you can use the reporting feature to look at selected time periods periodically or at the end of the day. And GeoSafeguard has a location trail feature, which displays current or previous movements on the map.


Your workers will have the ability to alert your business when they are in danger or unsafe, which means that when they’re alone or working in unfamiliar/compromising locations, they can feel safe in the knowledge that if they have a problem, they can access help quickly and easily.

Health and safety is paramount in every industry and organisation and your duty as an employer is to protect your workers – GeoSafeguard is an ideal solution and acts as a safeguard to ensure safe work practices for your team.

Monitoring employees can be done swiftly and simply and depending on your requirements, you can access information in real-time or with detailed reports.

For more information, contact our experienced team at Steanne today.

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