Boost your Company’s Efficiency with GeoMobile

Logging, uploading, downloading…there are a whole host of transactional jobs that need to be completed, alongside tangible, physical work that’s carried out by your team. The ‘admin’ side of an organisation can end up being very time-intensive and takes resources away from the main functionality of your company if employees are expected to promptly record data on an ongoing basis with a system that’s outdated.

At Steanne, we acknowledge the time and resources it can take for employees to organise working practices and access information they need. Especially if this is done manually, without a digital interface.

Easy-to-use Design

GeoMobile is our state-of-the-art software that enables jobs or inspections to be sent to you employees’ mobile devices, so they can log faults, access and update data, enter work completion detail and on-site asset creation, in a quick and seamless way.

This innovative tool has been created for ease of use, which means that everything has been designed with the user in mind and to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Forms have been designed, so that the need for employees to input text items is minimised to save time and use pre-set dropdown selection lists so that on-site personnel can interact quickly and easily with and have a less time-intensive experience with the software.

Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Site inspections, logging faults
  • Receiving and completing jobs
  • Creating new or editing existing inventory items
  • Download documents and specifications
  • Upload test results and photos

Who Benefits?

Engineers, inspectors and work teams will all greatly benefit from being able to enter and access information in a quick and simple way. Your parent system will have continuous data flow with employees’ mobile units, which allows you to view data they’re inputting, schedule tasks and send relevant information.

Employees will have access to a range of options on-site, as soon as they enable the Arrive On Site function on their GeoMobile. They’ll then be able to input and access relevant info, such as:

  • Risk Assessments 
  • Review details of previous jobs
  • View downloaded documents (Method Statements, drawings etc)
  • Editing/updating asset details
  • Adding measured SoR items
  • Photos
  • NRSWA Actual Start and Work Stop notices automatically generated
  • Completion notes and comments

This means that instead of having to take up considerable time resources to carry out these tasks, they can easily input and move onto their next job, without sluggish or non-digitized ways of working holding them back and affecting their schedule.

Your whole organisation can benefit from having more informed employees, who aren’t constrained by strenuous data collection and inputting exercises. You can access real-time data and reschedule and deliver information in response to changes, using the GeoWorks7 Planning module.

If you’ve not worked with this type of software before, our experiences team are on hand to walk you through how to use it and maximise its potential to make your company more efficient, productive and overall, more successful. For more information, get in touch today and we can talk through your options.

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