Steanne Solutions Ltd’s nominated in the 5th annual Technology Innovator Awards!

Steanne are very proud to have been nominated for the 5th annual Technology Innovator Awards 2019. Year upon year, CV Magazine showcase some of the best, most innovative companies, projects and services within the technology industry. The surge of available technology products and its constant evolution means that the technology industry now stands as one […]

Boost your Company’s Efficiency with GeoMobile

Logging, uploading, downloading…there are a whole host of transactional jobs that need to be completed, alongside tangible, physical work that’s carried out by your team. The ‘admin’ side of an organisation can end up being very time-intensive and takes resources away from the main functionality of your company if employees are expected to promptly record […]

Protect your Employees with GeoSafeguard

When you’re a company that relies on employees working remotely, perhaps on their own or in unfamiliar locations, it’s essential for their safety and wellbeing that you can guarantee their protection. Being able to monitor your employees’ safety helps to fulfil your duty as an employer and ensure that their working life isn’t compromised. In […]

GDPR – the right to be forgotten

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is due to come into force on 25 May 2018, the Geoworks7 Customer Services module has been updated to ensure compliance. In summary, this will mainly affect people who have submitted personal details when logging faults and whose data is therefore stored as part of […]