Geoworks7: A Step Ahead In Asset Management Software Systems

The new Geoworks7 Asset Management and Work Planning system is here!

Using a SQL database and including all the functionality of the previous Geoworks system, Geoworks7 has a number of additional features including:

– Integrated mapping, using both OS Mastermap and Bing Streetview options. Linear, polygon and single point asset types displayed
– Mapping display of planned jobs and gang locations, including enhanced “drag and drop” options
– Faster search response times and user definable search options
– Increased asset history and audit trail details, together with an “undo” error correction facility
– Integrated EToN (NRSWA) module (updated for EToN6)
– Integrated Customer Services and RMMS modules
– Enhanced user security levels and access flexibility

Please email or call 0161 367 8137 for further details.

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