Equipping Highway Maintenance Engineers with Enhanced Tech

Steanne’s Geoworks7 Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS) has created a tool to enhance the capabilities available to Highway Maintenance Engineers when they are carrying out inspections.

Evaluating highway condition with software that allows engineers to accurately and responsively record defects and faults creates a better picture of where faults occur. Trends can be spotted and improved data analysis can take place, in order to work on prevention and save costs.

RMMS seamlessly increases defect visibility and helps to raise repair jobs swiftly and efficiently.

Visual Data

Engineers are able to access a mapping view where they can view and access asset details. Assets can be displayed together or individual asset types may be toggled on or off as required. Individual road sections can be selected and highlighted on the map, depending on the information that engineers need to access.

Alongside the mapping view, there’s an additional details panel which flags up defects identified on the network, as well as new routes or individual ad-hoc daily safety patrols that can quickly be created, so engineers can see new updates.

Highlighting a defect on the map will display any details of the defect in the Location, Survey, Defect and Treatment tabs and category types are indicated by colour coded symbols displayed on the map, making them easy to trace.

Accurate Info

When it comes to accident data, it’s vital that information is as accurate and up to date as possible and RMMS helps to ensure this. Loading and storage of data is seamless and engineers can collect info at the scene of an accident, such as precise location, description of circumstances, casualties and vehicles involved, potential road contributory factors and any other relevant factors that will help to improve processes.

Having access to accurate highway data means that engineers can work towards determining the causes of multiple or repeated accidents at the same locations. This can mean that design and structural work can go into preventing accidents in specific locations and be able to highlight other highways in a network that could be susceptible to the same issues.

Mobile Working

The fast-paced, dynamic nature of a highway maintenance engineer’s role means that data needs to be accessed easily and quickly and inputting needs to be simple to do. Because the role requires mobile working, engineers rely on having good systems to access data when they’re on the move.

Steanne GeoMobile software enables inspection routes to be sent to mobile devices, which allows engineers to have the information they need at hand and it can inform their decision-making. Any defects can be identified and logged while on the scene, instead of afterwards which can lead to potential inaccuracies in data. Completed inspection data and any logged defects are returned to the Geoworks7 RMMS module instantly and GPS positions are logged as inspections are being carried out, enabling the completed route to be displayed.

For any advice or further information about using a Routine Maintenance Management System in your organisation, contact our experienced team today.

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