The Geoworks7 Works Management and Planning system enables effective planning and execution of programmes of work for highway authorities and their contractors. The Highway Inspection Module also allows the user to maintain and report on Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS) Inspections.

Graphically based, this allows the user to view and interrogate multiple inspections in order to build up a picture of defect occurrences over time, and to navigate through inspection data to view inspected sections, defects and treatments.
Inspection routes, daily safety patrols or ad-hoc inspections may be created, maintained and viewed over the road network with numbered sections for ease of analysis of the inspection results.

Inventory details are displayed in a mapping view, using layers for each different asset type with the associated details available to view and details of RMMS inspections may be displayed per Road Section line on the Map Panel. Background mapping includes Bing web based mapping with an associated Street View option together with Ordnance Survey mapping for identifying locations in greater detail.