The Geoworks7 Finance module holds schedule of rates information (including provision for indexation and variable quantity bands) for billing either by invoices or applications for payment. All bill items included on the original order are displayed as estimates, with the actual quantities used (applied and approved) shown alongside, enabling checks to be made to ensure that all intended value has been captured.

Specific Tasks may be created within Geoworks7, grouping together a collection of bill items for commonly utilised types of work. Each item may be set with a ‘standard time’, enabling this to be compared with actual times, thus providing measures for performance and any rectification that may be required. New bill items (including bespoke or one off lump sum items) may be added throughout the duration of the Contract (controlled by user access levels) and various reports are available to indicate cost comparisons between estimated and actual values.

Geoworks7 may be linked to external financial systems if required; integration of either summary or detailed value data can be established, linking purchase order IDs, invoice reference numbers and Task/Works order IDs.