Company Profile

Steanne Solutions Ltd specialises in producing Asset Management, Customer Services, Mapping, Work Planning and Mobile Solutions for a range of applications.
Steanne personnel have worked in several business sectors so are well placed to understand our customers’ requirements and have the ability and flexibility to respond quickly to develop appropriate solutions. Our aim is to provide advanced software solutions backed by industry experts with strong support services.
Originally formed in 1990, Steanne has been an early adopter of technologies such as GPS, Tablet Computers, PDA’s and Remote Communications, gaining a reputation for producing advanced systems which have been applied to a wide range of applications.
With integrated mapping and remote communication extensions, our management systems are industry-proven, providing key operational data and reports at the touch of a button. Our mobile products combine sophisticated mapping and database acquisition techniques and are available on a range of mobile devices.
All of our systems are available via our secure eCloud web portal in partnership with UKFast, one of the leading hosting providers in the UK, providing a fast, reliable and secure network.