SteanneMobileWorker is designed to carry out routine maintenance inspections on highway networks. Scheduled inspections are sent from the GeoWorks7 RMMS module and any defects detected on the inspection route are logged using a colour coded system of urgency for proposed treatments (a number of different proposed treatments may be logged per defect). Any existing defects are displayed, enabling a full asset history to be checked when on site.

Product Key Features

  • Routine Highway Inspections
  • Log Defects
  • Create/Edit Assets
  • Create Adhoc Defects

Product Description

Planned inspections may be downloaded from the Geoworks7 RMMS module, or ad-hoc inspections undertaken on site. Asset details and positions on the map may be checked and amended if necessary, and any new assets added; new faults or defects may be logged and existing ones closed when complete. Completed inspections (together with any photos taken and added or updated asset information) are returned to the Geoworks7 RMMS module.

Various handheld devices are available, including specialist units with a very high level of GPS accuracy which are currently used by some Steanne customers. However, unless this feature is required, all other SteanneMobileWorker functions are now available in the newer GeoMobile application.