Asset Management

Geoworks7 is a powerful SQL based integrated system that delivers real-time operational and management information. With a choice of mapping and data based views, the Asset Management module holds a full asset history including all faults logged, photos taken and any jobs issued. Report options display data in spreadsheet formats for ease of download and use with other data. All assets may be displayed geographically or as a data table view.

Mapping views include a choice of Ordnance Survey and web based mapping or aerial view options. Asset types (points, lines or shapes) may be viewed separately or simultaneously, and positions easily edited on the map. Asset attributes, descriptions and screen formats are specific per asset type, enabling several different data sets to be held per client or contract. Filters for asset searches enable wide ranging searches to be made for asset types or locations, or more localised searches for specific asset features. Asset types and details are fully customisable, and may be updated or edited by authorised users as required.

Maintenance Orders and Jobs may be raised at any stage to be scheduled in the Works Planning module. By including the full Schedule of Rates, a total cost per job is available with on-going comparisons to budget allocation for the contract.

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