4 Advantages of a Routine Maintenance Management System

With Geoworks 7, you can easily access the RMMS Highway Inspection Module and enable it to make your company’s inspections more efficient and highway maintenance engineers’ roles more effective. Comprehensive evaluations and timely maintenance are essential to ensure the smooth and seamless functionality that customers expect.

Giving highway maintenance engineers more tools and information allows them to use RMMS to create a clearer picture of defects or accident occurrences, so that they can be dealt with and prevented in the future.

Real-Time Data

Information, such as inspection routes, can be easily sent to engineers while they’re on a job, so that they can have updated specifications and requests in real-time. And vice-versa when they’re carrying out an inspection, the RMMS module enables engineers to input completed inspection data, site reports and any logged defects to build up a better picture of a situation for everyone.

It’s easy to check on engineers’ locations with GPS positions being tagged along with completed inspections – this means that if there are any Freedom of Information Requests then providing evidence of an inspection is a relatively simple process.

Several report options for inspections and outstanding work are available, in order to gain as much information as required.

Clear View

The RMMS module format is clear and straightforward to access information from. Inspections and maintenance data is easy to identify as it is displayed in a colour coded calendar format, so anyone can quickly assess pending or outstanding inspections. Defects on a network can be viewed in the map format, with a details panel – so engineers and employees can build up and identify areas of concern or locations which have had continuous issues with defects and maintenance requests. This can help to inform long-term planning and resource allocation.

It’s possible to choose whether asset details are displayed together or individual asset types are turned on or off, depending on the information needed.


It’s important that accident data can be stored and accessed accurately and RMMS allows engineers to input the precise location, description of circumstances, casualties and vehicles involved, in addition to any potential road other contributory factors that may have led to an accident. This helps to prevent future accidents, because it becomes easier to identify and focus in on areas that could have factors that are compromising the safety of road users and rectify issues. Repeated accidents can be looked into more closely.

Mobile Working

Highway maintenance engineers’ time should be spent more on practical evaluations and inspections which is what they’ve been trained for. The RMMS module allows engineers to be able to carry out valuable tasks with tools that enable them to successfully mobile work. They can access the information they need, without having to go through burdensome processes that prevent them from being as efficient and productive as possible. This can be good for morale and creates better working conditions for engineers, instead of frustrating systems that can’t be access on the move.

For more information about Geoworks 7 and the RMMS module, get in touch with our team at Steanne Solutions today.

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