Improve your Company’s Customer Service with GeoWorks7

One of the key factors that can increase the likelihood of customers returning to any business is the customer service they receive when there is an issue with a product or service. It’s of upmost importance that clients can report faults in a timely manner and they’ll be logged and responded to so they can be addressed as soon as possible. The timeframe of a project can depend on this, aswell as the budgeting and costs that may need to change in response to faults.

The Customer Service module on GeoWorks7 enables your company to log faults when they arise and input and address communication from customers. Being able to have an overall and complete image of outstanding faults, jobs and complaints that need to be addressed helps a company to deliver effective customer service.

Reporting Faults

Faults in systems and projects can lead to costly time delays and inconvenience for customers. The GeoWorks7 Customer Service module allows faults to be lodged easily and then viewed in a map view, with an arial or road format. It’s simple to target and identify where faults have occurred, flag them up and organise a resolution. A mobile inspection can input faults, or they can be migrated from a client website.

Defects, faults and complaints are presented in a colour coded dashboard display, which allows you to seamlessly view all of the issues that require a resolution and show any action that needs to be taken.

Real-time Info

Sometimes there can be a lack of synergy between what’s happening on the ground with regards to faults and defects and the employees who are dealing with customer complaints and whether they have the information they need at hand to provide information and an effective response.

Report info for an event can be accessed, showing current and historical data, asset details, together with KPI statistics and a full audit event history. GeoWorks7 acts as a link between faults, jobs, complaints etc and staff, as email and SMS message alerts can be set-up, so that if there is a particularly pressing issue that staff will receive complaints about from customers, they can be well-informed and have an understanding of what’s happening. They can access the progress status of jobs and this can be communicated via a website or other remote source.

Customer service staff then have the capability to raise Works Orders or jobs and begin the resolution process. Jobs may be raised immediately and sent to the appropriate engineer or work crew. They can also log faults for later resolution and the Customer Service module can send text messages and/or emails to customers to update them on the progress of the complaint and issue that they have raised to guarantee transparency and effective communication with the customer.

The GeoWorks 7 Customer Services module can be used as a stand-alone software system, or it can be used alongside other GeoWorks modules.

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