4 Factors to look for when choosing Mobile Working Software

A large number of UK companies require their employees to work remotely, which means that increasingly, specialised handheld devices for businesses, local authorities and contractors are a necessity.

It can be a daunting prospect for businesses that haven’t worked with this type of tech before and integrating new software can seem burdensome and costly. That’s why it’s really important to do your research and ensure you’re working with a provider that complements your business and helps you with a smooth transition and adopt a fresh approach that works for you.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a provider.

Simple to Use

Good user design is a key element of effective mobile working software. If it’s difficult for management and remote workers to use then you’re going to encounter more obstacles. You need a device that causes minimal hassle for everyone involved, so employees can get on with their jobs.

Functionality is key and a seamless user experience gets employees from A to B, whether that’s inputting info about conducting inspections, recording defects, creating new or editing existing assets or receiving and returning jobs.

Minimal Training

Remote contractors aren’t always used to using software and different tech, so a mobile device that requires minimal training to understand is preferable. For people that aren’t tech-savvy, a device shouldn’t be so complex to use that someone requires vast amounts of training to use it.

If this is the case then employees might not be confident using a device, which can lead to mistakes – training should be simple and instructional, but not to a level where someone needs a Computer Science degree to use it properly!

Support Available

If a team member encounters a problem or is getting to grips with their mobile working device, it’s essential that they have reliable, timely support available to help with any teething issues. Having a team that can answer questions and help with technical issues means that employees can feel confident that if they have a problem, it’ll get sorted swiftly so they can get back to their tasks and workload.

This is especially important if there are any problems with syncing devices and data collection – companies need to be able to troubleshoot quickly and find solutions before valuable data and information gets lost. Having a provider that puts customers first is essential.

Bespoke Requirements

Every company is different which means their requirements can vary. Look for a provider that can offer tailored solutions for your business, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that can result in inefficiencies in the long-term. Especially if you’re rapidly expanding and need more capacity etc.

Software that can give you the flexibility that you need as a growing business and cater the design of workflows, so an interface is easy for employees to use and only includes relevant functionality is key.

A provider that understands the changing needs of a business is a good match.

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