Improve your Customer Service Procedures with Geoworks7

Delivering quality customer service is a necessity for anyone running a business. With the rise of social media and review-based platforms, it’s essential that you can provide good customer service to enable you to retain customers and build loyalty.

The Geoworks7 system allows you to build effective asset management functionality using mobile handheld devices and/or external remote monitoring systems. It’s versatile and cost-effective software that gives you a range of customisable options to boost efficiency and optimize your business practices.

A Customer Service module is just one element of the system, but at Steanne Solutions, we think it’s arguably one of the most important and useful tools for managing a busy workload and improving your business reputation.


With the Geoworks7, you can ensure that your employees are easily able to log faults, defects, customer enquiries or complaints on your system. This gives a more holistic view of what’s going on from day to day and you can keep on top of customer service priorities and swiftly deal with requests.

Opening your business up to being more accountable to customers means that you can endeavour to be more transparent, proactive and grow healthy relationships with your cohort of customers. Customer service enquiries that go unnoticed and neglected only leads to more frustration on the part of customers and employees that have to deal with that frustration in real-time.

Visual Data

You can manage an overarching, overall view of your operations easily from Geoworks7 – fault locations are able to be seen on a map in either an aerial or road view, giving you a visual framework to refer to.

This information comes is inputted, either by syncing with a client website or from mobile inspection patrols and info that’s imported by employees. Faults that are logged multiple times are linked to reports, so that issues aren’t duplicated or lead to confusion between employees.

Being able to spot faults etc on a map, allows you to see if you can trace any patterns or trends in particular areas and locations which could lead to better processes. Certain faults may be reoccurring in areas and leading to more callouts etc, so there could be wider structural faults that need to be addressed to prevent this from happening again.

Preparation and Communication

Having a customer service module that’s updated in real-time allows your team to be more agile and prepared for dealing with tricky complaints or an influx of issues at a particular time. Email or SMS message alerts can be set within the system to warn call centre staff and employees dealing with complaints of any pending, incoming enquiries that have been logged from clients or other sources synced to Geoworks7.

Your communication strategy can be enhanced too. By having a system that’s able to log faults and complaints, it can also trace communication history with customers and deliver text messages and/or emails to be sent automatically with whoever raised a complaint, giving them an update on the progress of their enquiry, which is great for overall relationships with customers.

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